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Hva er KROM

ABOUT KROM - Past - Present - Future

Thomas Mathiesen
January 2000


In the past as well as today, there has been a considerable international interest in the development and activities of KROM - The Norwegian Association for Penal Reform, a non-governmental political organization and pressure group in the area of penal policy. Through the years, several publications relating KROM's work have been published in English, German and other languages (for publications in English, see Mathiesen 1974 a, 1974 b).

The present paper gives an updated version of the development and activities, as well as some of the tactical and strategic concerns and ideas, of the organization. The paper should be read with an important qualification in mind: if an organization of this kind is established elsewhere, it should be developed with a view towards, and in line with, the local national culture and society. In other words, KROM should certainly not be taken as an ideal model to be replicated in other countries.

KROM builds on a Norwegian context. Other contexts may differ. But KROM may contain some ideas which may be inspiring and useful - about what to do as well as about what not to do - also for people working in a non-Norwegian contexts. About the author: Thomas Mathiesen is professor of sociology of law at the University of Oslo. He was the first chairman of KROM, and has throughout its history been an active participating member of the organization.

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